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Wooden Creations You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Are you in the market for distinctive wooden crafts to add to your collection? Look no further than Royal Wood Creations! Royal and I wish to thank you all for supporting us in our crazy hobby.    FOR SHOWS COMING UP...PLEASE EMAIL US AND WE WILL SEND A LIST.   [email protected] thank you  We hope you all stay safe and looking forward to seeing as many as possible.                              Thank you for your support.

Turning Passion Into Business

Our company was founded by Royal Wood. Royal took an interest in woodworking because of his father, often making decorative boxes, spoon display boxes, and model airplanes in his youth. After his retirement, Royal soon bought a wood lathe of his own. From there, he began turning wood into common household items such as bowls, cups, duck calls, and bread plates, to name a few.

It wasn’t long before Georgia bought another wood lathe to begin making pens. Sometimes, Royal would also use a polyester acrylic blend that Georgia mixed for his creations. For them, the appeal lies in the hours of enjoyment woodworking provides them and the satisfaction of making something from nothing.

They soon started Royal Wood Creations in 2017 and began selling their pieces at local craft shows. The high-quality wooden creations soon became a hit with many buyers. 

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to bring the outdoor indoors— changing the form from tree to a beautiful home décor and writing instrument.